Local hydraulic propulsion technology developer Ducere was recently invited onto the international stage where Norman Grant, Ducere Holdings’ director of technology and engineering, was given the opportunity to present the company’s ground-breaking MISER® technology to an audience of vehicle-technology experts.

The world’s first Industrial Vehicle Technology (IVT) Expo, where the latest components and technologies were showcased, was held in Cologne, Germany
“We didn’t do the typical presentation of a new product or theory at IVT,” says Grant. “We went there to present ourselves as a new player in the field – with products for today as well as the future.

MISER-HKS is a retrofit hydraulic hybrid propulsion unit for most vehicle types and sizes that improves fuel consumption, reduces carbon emissions, lowers the total cost of ownership and increases vehicle performance.
Grants says that testing showed significant results and fuel saving was typically between 17% and 44% – in city cycles above 35% and averaging around 25% in highway driving.

“This is because of MISER®‘s superior regenerative braking and engine optimisation. MISER-HKS, our entry to the market, is a retro-fit version. We have already completed development for fitment to International, Freightliner, Iveco and Volvo. And, obviously, other brands will follow.”
MISER-HKS can be installed behind the cab or below the rails, depending on the architecture of the truck.

“In engine optimisation you quickly learn that all engines have a line where, for any given speed, there is an optimum power output. But this ideal power output seldom matches the required load in a real cycle. The MISER® management system finds that optimum power output at every speed and load cycle.

“Our observations after the initial tests were mostly surprising. MISER® exceeded expectations. We only expected larger fuel savings later in the development cycle, but the bottom-line is that the system achieved similar savings in the real world as in initial tests – as well as with the third-party verifications.”

Grant says the best electric vehicle is an electric-hydraulic vehicle.
“This statement particularly got a chuckle from the both the moderator and the audience. But it is true. With the MISER® technology, such a vehicle will achieve longer distances on any kind of battery. That is because MISER®‘s better and more efficient regenerative braking gives more range and the MISER® launch-assist means lower peak currents on the battery.

“The MISER® technology will also bring about reduced component size and longer battery life. As a matter of fact, because of the increased efficiency, the battery could even be lead-acid instead of the more expensive technologies.”
He says that, as far as future plans are concerned, MISER® can be applied in most types and sizes of vehicles. MISER®is an enabling technology that lends itself to be used in conjunction with other energy-efficiency solutions, such as electric vehicles.

“MISER® can also be applied in much larger applications such as trains or wind turbines.” Grant says that, overall, MISER® was very well received and important people took note of the new kids on the block.