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MISER in Detail

The MISER™ transmission is a hydraulic and mechanical infinitely variable dual-path energy-transfer system – with a sophisticated microprocessor control system. MISER™ has fewer energy-flow paths, valves and parasitic losses (e.g. charge pumps) than any of the existing hydraulic hybrid systems.

Theoretically, the best electric vehicles would be electric hydraulic hybrids and MISER™ would offer more efficient regenerative braking abilities along with launch assist abilities, thereby reducing peak battery loads and improving battery life.

MISER™ is inherently more efficient than its hydraulic hybrid competitors for at least two main reasons:

– At most times, MISER™ is a dual-path system where only a portion of the energy flows through the hydraulic path.

– Even in the hydraulic path, there is only one hydraulic unit and it is not a full hydrostatic drive.

The MISER™ transmission is a compound-type hybrid drive. This means that in some modes it is a series system – where the engine can charge the storage system with energy for later use; in other modes it is a parallel system – where the energy is delivered from the engine, or the storage system (or a combination of both) to the final drive. This depends on which of the many modes the control system selects. Under certain conditions, the operator of the vehicle will also be able to change options.

The MISER™ system can be summarised as a:

– fully automated
– infinitely variable
– dual energy path
– engine optimising
– performance enhancing
– regenerative braking transmission.

The MISER™ system can be installed in one of two ways:

The first option (now available to the market) is MISER™-HKS and involves the fitment of the energy-recovery components and partial engine optimisation abilities. This installation type is called the Hybrid Kinetic Energy Recovery System, or HKS for short. Benefits are both regenerative braking and engine optimisation.

The second option (MISER™-HTS) involves the replacement of the vehicle’s original gearbox as well as the fitment of the Hybrid Kinetic Energy Recovery system. This is called the Hybrid Transmission System, or HTS for short. It includes several additional advantages such as, a speed summing mode which provides additional, significant savings, specifically advantageous in highway type driving cycles. MISER™-HTS will be available to the market in 3Q2019.



The MISER™ Hydraulic Hybrid Transmission is an enabling technology with broad market applications for existing petrol, diesel and electric vehicles. MISER™-HKS has proven to be very efficient with fuel savings of up to 43% in certain drive cycles.

– The market needs our solution. The world has set itself emissions and efficiency goals and MISER™ can most effectively address not only the automotive sector, but other applications where internal-combustion engines are used.

– The MISER™-HKS can now be retrofitted to heavy duty trucks, and the ROI could be as quick as nine months.

– MISER™ is a complementary technology to electrical vehicles, providing real benefits and improved efficiencies to both the vehicle’s performance and range, as well as improving the batteries charge cycles.

– The MISER™ technology can be expanded to very large transport such as trains and large mining vehicles. The technology can also be used in areas such as grid, solar and wind power.

– The MISER™ system is a very exciting project that uses technology with significant environmental benefits that includes significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Technology