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Hydraulic Hybrid Technologies

Collaboration & Cooperation

Collaboration & Cooperation

Market Potential

Our market research indicates that there are approximately 1,2-billion or more wheeled vehicles on the road throughout the world today. Approximately 15% (or 300-million) of these are commercial vehicles.

Approximately 93,8 million new vehicles were sold in 2016, of which 74% (69,4 million) were passenger vehicles and the remaining 26% (24,4 million) were commercial vehicles.

The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for new vehicle sales for the period 2005-2016 was 4,6% for passenger cars and 1,4% for commercial vehicles respective. As can be expected, the global financial crisis also impacted heavily on commercial vehicle sales, which has now regained former growth levels.

A recent market analysis forecast hybrid vehicle sales to constitute in excess of 10% (or approximately 8-million vehicles) of annual sales by 2020.

We see aftermarket sales being the immediate market potential for MISER™. This is followed by new transmission and energy recovery technology universally fitted to all forms of motorised vehicles and transportation systems globally over the next 8-10 years. In parallel, the new sectors will develop as per the earlier R&D update.

We expect the commercial transport sector to be the main potential buyer of retrofit MISER™ systems, as fuel costs comprise the biggest percentages of direct operating costs in that sector.

Therefore, our initial focus for the retrofit business will be in the trucking sector, as units are much easier to install because of a less confined component packaging. Added to that, because fleet owners’ costs are mainly made up of fuel purchases, the ROI could be as little as six to nine months.

To this effect, Ducere Holdings is currently working closely with fleet owners and specialist heavy vehicle designers and manufacturers. The truck fleet owner would eventually have the choice of the HTS system (where the existing gearbox is replaced by the retrofit unit incorporating hydraulic energy recovery), or the HKS version (including regenerative braking, energy storage and deployment).

While the world’s focus is on pure electric and electric hybrid vehicles, there is very limited attention on the hydraulic hybrid solution, a field in which MISER™ aims to be the leader. Unlike electrical systems, which are still prevented from scaling because of technology constraints, MISER can comfortably be fitted to a range of vehicles from a small car up to very large excavators, giving us a distinct advantage as it allows us to participate in a far wider range of sectors.

A MISER™ transmission incorporated into a new vehicle design with a smaller-capacity engine will undoubtedly add to its performance and fuel-saving abilities. Furthermore, the MISER system will not add to the overall vehicle cost – and could even reduce cost. Its smaller size and lighter weight also mean a more efficient drivetrain, despite the inclusion of the pump/motor, accumulator and reservoir.


International Environment Viewpoint

During March 2010 the UNECE (United Nations Economic Commissions of Europe) in Geneva agreed on the first international technical regulations for electric and hybrid cars. Forty-one countries agreed on standards, which should be applicable internationally.

When the incentives and regulations are considered, one can deduce that a major market with huge opportunities is on the rise for those who are positioned correctly. Ducere Holdings with the MISER™ Hydraulic Hybrid Transmission is exactly such a company.