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Hydraulic Hybrid Technologies

The Company

The Company

Ducere Holdings (Pty) Ltd was established in March 2004 and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ducere Holdings develops products, from initial concept to final product delivery.

Our current major project and focus, The MISER™ Hydraulic Hybrid Transmission System, keeps us involved at the forefront of today’s automotive hybrid technology, and that’s where we like to be. Our first product onto the market is MISER-HKS, a retrofit hydraulic energy recovery and deployment system, specifically for use in heavy duty vehicles.

The MISER™ technology is a revolutionary new approach to kinetic energy recovery, engine optimization, energy storage and the reapplication thereof for any form of vehicle. The system complements various other technologies with its aim to dramatically improving fuel consumption, vehicle performance and total cost of ownership – while simultaneously reducing the emission of environmentally harmful gasses.

Fundamentally, the MISER™ technology enables more efficient energy recovery and engine optimisation than any competing technology. MISER™ achieves this with a patented hydraulic solution and proprietary transmission, using a combination of braking-energy recovery, engine optimization and various modes (such as torque summing, regenerative braking and launch assist). This provides an efficient mechanism for the fast storage and release of energy, while at the same time optimising engine performance by keeping the engine operating on the ideal Brake Specific Fuel Consumption line.

Some information to consider:

  1. The MISER™ technology has been well proven, with results from successful tests with a development vehicle.
  2. Pilot projects have been completed.
  3. Independent 3rd party verifications have been completed.
  4. The technology is patented worldwide.
  5. Collaboration is continuing with several government and private agencies in more than one market sector. We also work closely with a leading university in South Africa as part of our collaborative activities.
  6. MISER™ fits into the technology of the future, with developed economies already having put regulations and targets in place for recoverable/green energy.
  7. Our recently opened office and pilot project in the United Kingdom is testament to growing acceptance of our technology on the international market.

Our MD, Andre Reyneke, likes to take a line from one of our children’s favourites, Mr Walt Disney: “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”. We believe that it has relevance to our company and its people’s attitude towards product development and future technological challenges.

Meet the Team

André Reyneke

André is the Managing Director of Ducere Holdings. He is one of the two founder members and has been part of Ducere from day one. Andre’s experience is truly international: he has achieved success in business in the UK, USA, Europe, South America, China, India, Middle East, Africa and Asia while traveling extensively as part of his responsibilities.

Norman Grant

Norman is Ducere’s other founding member. He is the design engineer of MISER™ and the company’s Director of Technology and Engineering. His significant experience stretches over more than 30 years, and includes engineering and large scale project management.

Alan Macdonald

Alan is the managing director of MISER™ Hybrid Technologies UK Ltd, our office in the UK. He has extensive experience and involvement in professional motorsport, as well as a background in national motor spares distribution. His automotive industry network also enables him to easily progress with the expansion of our business and technology in the UK.

Johan Nel

Johan is a former management consultant and entrepreneur with more than 20 years experience in the commercialisation of new business models and advanced technologies. He brings a strong strategic, entrepreneurial, mature and business focused leadership to our organisation. His core focus will be to focus on the development of new markets and other international opportunities. Johan is also the Regional Manager for the Western Cape.