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Welcome to Ducere Holdings, a company specialising in the efficient use of energy through the development of energy recovery and deployment technologies.

Our current project is the MISER™ hydraulic hybrid transmission system for the automotive sector which has initially been designed for trucks, but is equally applicable to the full range of vehicles. These include large transport applications such as trains.
MISER™ is an enabling technology for hybrid powered vehicles and other forms of low emission energy generation systems.


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MISER™ Key Benefits

The MISER™ technology is a revolutionary new approach to kinetic energy recovery engine optimization and storage and reapplication for any form of vehicle.
André Reyneke Managing Director of MISER™ Technologies explains the benefits of installing MISER™ Hybrid Hydraulic Technologies’ MISER™-HKS system in a truck.

What Is MISER™

André Reyneke explains what South African MISER™ Technologies’ hybrid hydraulic technology does and how that brings benefits to the user.

MISER™ Fuel Saving Abilities

André Reyneke of MISER™ explains how much MISER™-HKS can save you in fuel costs as well as carbon emissions.

MISER™ Gerotek Testing

The world-famous Gerotek Testing Facilities recently conducted tests on Miser’s technology. Their results confirmed Miser’s own tests and prove the claims of improved fuel consumption.


Tri-MISER™is the next step for MISER™ Technologies and will bring about the first truly practical zero-emissions vehicle in city-use that will also be practical for longer distance travel.

Miser’s view on electric car technology

Zero-emissions cars are the way of the future, but certain practicalities are still insurmountable.
Unless the vehicle is a hybrid that uses a MISER™ hydraulic drive to make it practical to use everyday and everywhere.

How the MISER™-HKS installation works

The South African development of MISER™-HKS is now ready to take the next step. André Reyneke shares Miser’s immediate future plans that take the technology abroad.


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